Owner FAQ

How much Experience do you have?

The Broker purchased his first rental property in Las Vegas as a teenager in 1977 and still owns it today.

As a team we have had over 3,000 tenant turnovers with over $7,000,000 of rents (and more) paid through our hands.

All principals of the company have ownership interests in rental property like you do, and our company manages them too.

Are you all Licensed and Realtors?

All of our Agents are fully Licensed Nevada Real Estate Agents and Realtors as is the Real Estate Broker.

We all take additional training and attend specialized conferences and seminars since we are an information technology company with a focus on staying current.

In Nevada, a Licensed Agent or Realtor can NOT manage property for clients unless they also have a Property Management Permit.

All our Agents have that permit! It’s interesting to note that the Broker was in the very first group that Nevada awarded Property Management permits to – as he challenged the first ever test (and passed!) because of his experience.

Are you all available 24/7?

We deal with regular business activities during our normal working hours: Mon-Fri 10-5pm.

We also work after hours by appointment and have a 24-7 emergency line to support those who need it.

Who turns on the utilities when turnover occurs?

We take care of all utilities and many other turnover processes to ease the workload of both our owners and our tenants.

Are you members of any professional organizations relating to property management?

All of our Licensed Agents are members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the Nevada Association of Realtors (NVAR), and the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors (GLVAR).

The principals of the company are also members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) – which is considered the best group that promotes the highest standards and latest technology specifically for rental houses, townhomes and condos.

The Broker is also an E-PRO (Electronic Professional) and a GRI (Graduate of the Realtors Institute).

Can you send Owners proceeds directly to an owner’s bank account and skip sending mail?


We send your net proceeds direct to your bank account on a monthly basis – at your option.

Do I get to see the lease and/or edit it and/or sign it?

We have a custom lease that is proprietary with decades of use, adaptations, evolution, and improvement. Our documents are also lawyer-reviewed.

You do get a copy once you are a client. You do not need to sign it – as we do on your behalf as your agent.

Do you Sell Real Estate too?

Yes, unless you are already working with a real estate agent.

We use a discounted commission model which saves our clients thousands as compared to traditional real estate agents.

How do you handle rent collection?

Our tenants can pay us in person, online, or at convenience stores across the country.  We have payment options set up to go directly to our accounts.

We follow up for those late paying tenants and help resolve payment problems as they occur. We post evictions as needed and keep owners informed.

What kind of terms do you have with the renters?

One size does not fit all.  Our terms are customized and negotiated on your behalf on a case-by-case basis to ensure the best possible quality.

Our terms are usually the following:

  1. One-year term to start.
  2. No smoking inside.
  3. Tenant pays the utilities.
  4. Owner pays the HOA/CIC dues.
  5. Tenant cares for the yard but only up to 6 feet tall.
  6. Two pets maximum.
  7. All of our deposits are refundable and a bit higher than the rent.
  8. Everyone needs to give a 30-day notice to change anything.

What kind of property do you manage?

We specifically look to manage houses, condominiums, and town homes. We can manage duplexes and apartment buildings but consider those case-by-case.

What type of reports do you offer?

We send owners reports monthly and annually along with a 1099 form showing them all income and expenses.

We also provide a monthly newsletter with market analyses, financial advice, and Las Vegas real estate news.

Can I look at my records and reports online?


We give our owners (and tenants) direct access through a specific owner or tenant portal 24/7.

They can check on any payments made, balances owed, see copies of invoices, and make work orders too.

How do you market the properties for Rent?

We shoot a full new set of photos on every turnover.

We also offer 3D video model tours of your property.

We syndicate your property to over 100 websites including the major ones such as Zillow, Trulia, and even our competitor’s sites.

We also use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so over 13,000 local Agents and Realtors will know about your rental also and can show it!

What do you as a Property Manager do?

We work for the owner as their Agent.

We help prepare property for rent, check them before and after turnovers, we market them to the world, we receive and process rental applications, we screen applicants, we work out and coordinate lease signings and renewals, we help maintain the property, we provide administrative and financial tasks concerning the property, we track repairs and maintenance, we offer online portals for owners and tenants, we communicate and respond to owners, tenants and vendors, we hire, monitor, and use hand picked vendors, we send monthly and annual reports, we follow local and national landlord tenant laws, we do research to show our clients the range of prices for their rentals, we do daily bookkeeping, we do daily banking and reconciliations, we are on call 24-7, we help with emergencies, and much more.

What will my property rent for?

The market determines the rent.

It does not matter if your property is free and clear or has a mortgage, it only matters what the condition is, what the competition is charging and your terms.

Are your rental terms competitive?

They are very competitive.

We make it easy for a renter to move in without paying non-refundable fees. In fact, our only non-refundable fee is our application fee.

All of our deposits are 100% refundable based on the tenant’s performance in honoring the rental agreement. Tenants can apply and pay us online!

How can you advise me as a rental owner to avoid some mistakes?

Well, don’t get caught buying a property in poor condition and not fixing it up. Don’t ask for too much in rent (don’t ask the highest price) as it will sit longer, and daily vacancy gets expensive.

Allow us to use our point system in having tenants qualify go avoid discrimination and be fair to applicants. Don’t fail to take our advice as we have seen most questions and instances occur, so we know the answer (almost always) which will help you be a better property owner, and which saves you money.

Be sure and address safety, repair and maintenance issues in a timely manner to keep tenants happier so they stay longer so you have less turnover, and lower vacancy rates.

This saves you money over the long term much more than the competition. And that is our goal.

Do you mark up maintenance?


We use hand picked vendors who we have researched and used for years. We expect them to give us and our clients faster service and better prices since we give them so much business.

Why should we use your Company to manage our property?

The principals of the company are rental owners, too. In fact, his family began buying rental property in Las Vegas in 1967 and still does. We use the same methods and principles for our houses as we do for our Clients.
We syndicate your property to over 100 websites and offer 3D Virtual Tours.
We have terrific software to track everything and have portals for owners and tenants.
We can send and receive money electronically.
We use cutting edge applications, systems, checklists, and procedures to be more efficient with better results than our competition.
Using proprietary methods and trade secrets with decades of experience our team can be more efficient and effective in all we do and make our clients more money and have less vacancy.
We don’t manage property by accident or because we must, we manage property because we are very good at it and we want to.



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