Regular Property Check-Ups

Visiting your property regularly is an essential part of property management. However, scheduling check ups and inspections can be a hassle. Property Technology Group takes the weight off of your shoulders and ensures a regular property check up every 90 days.

Specialized Insurance

We have special landlord insurance that protects an owner against vacancy, malicious damage, and evictions. Standard insurance policies do not cover these special circumstances, and many insurance companies don’t even know about this type of coverage.

Online Portals for Tenants and Owners

We have Online Portals for our Tenants and Owners. These are included in our services and allows both to check their balances, history of payments and other information regarding their rental account. All mobile friendly.


We offer a free concierge service for our tenants and owners to handle utilities, internet hookups, satellite TV, and many other related services. In addition to convenience, this makes your turnover of moving in or out much easier and faster.


We offer owners discount prices on full formal Inspections from a licensed inspector. We also have various scheduled visits to see the interior and exterior of the property as well. Catching problems is good business.

Repairs and Maintenance Tracking

PTG uses specialized proven software to track all repair, maintenance, and service requests. This proprietary software ensures an 84% positive satisfaction rate. We know tenants are happier when repairs are more efficient, and progress can be tracked.

Pet Screening

75% of US households have pets. To exclude pet owners from your tenant screening process is to exclude 3/4 of your potential market. We have a specialized vendor to evaluate tenants' pets and ensure compliance with both the law and our owners.

Online Applications

We have an online process that makes it easy for someone to apply 24 hours a day. We handle all applications through a secure server to protect privacy and pride ourselves on our competitive, performance-based refundable fees.

3D Virtual Tours

We offer state-of-the-art 3D virtual tours for all of our properties. This gives the property better exposure to the world and helps keep you and your property up to date with the latest technological expectations of internet marketing.

Direct Deposit

We have direct deposit payment methods for both Owners and Tenants. This makes it easy for owners to send us money for repairs, and tenants to pay their rent. All can be conveniently handled online.

Home Buying Credit

Our Residents can build financial credits to buy a home just by paying rent on time. We have a specialized optional program in place for our residents that allow them to build up dollar credits for the future when they are ready to buy a property.


We syndicate our rental properties with the most popular sites on the internet like Zillow, Trulia, and dozens more including our competitors' websites. All prospects still go through our qualification process, but we know wide exposure is best for our owners to reduce vacancy.

Lease Renewals

We handle lease renewals as needed. Updating our terms with the latest new changes in the local market and law is important to everyone. We want and look for long term tenants, so we keep that in mind.


We have a licensed CPA team who specialize in property management company accounting. This is important because tracking another person's money is something we believe needs to be done carefully and expertly.

Home Security

To help secure your home we can help supply alarm systems for vacancies and occupied property. With our experience we have found solutions that are low cost and short term as needed.


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