Resident FAQ

How long can I live at one of your properties?

One year is usually the minimum. If this ends during October, November, or December we would ask for the lease to end in January or later – as most don’t want to move during the holidays. We are looking for long term tenants and can go arrange to have a two year term sometimes.  We have on average tenants staying with us for 3-4 years, with some having been with us a lot longer!

What Does it cost to apply and how do we qualify?

We Charge $60 per adult that plans to move in. You apply online using our site. There is No charge for kids or dependents.

We evaluate our applicants using a point value system to promote fairness and equality.  The more points you get the closer you get to qualify and pass the threshold.  You may be weak in one area but stronger in other multiple areas that will help you qualify.

If someone does not get enough points to qualify but are just under the point total that would have them qualify – we might offer to raise the deposit – which is optional – to make the deal work – and that deposit is still refundable based on your performance of course.

What are the deposits you charge and are they refundable?

All of our deposits are refundable. Our Security Deposit is usually $5 higher than the rent. So if the rent is $1,000.00 the deposit will be $1,005.00.  We raise our deposit $300 per pet. We raise the deposit $100 for special keys  and some circumstances (if any).

What kind of pets do you allow?

Most of our owners take pets, but some pets are blocked by the insurance companies and cannot be covered so we don’t take all pets.

Look at each properties information to check. We usually take two pets maximum of 45 lbs or less. We never take dogs excluded from insurance coverage listed as Rottweillers, Dobermans, German Shephards, Akita’s, Chow’s, or Pit Bulls.

We raise our refundable deposit $300 per pet.

We do not charge for service animals, but the status of the service animal must be verified before this pet fee can be waived.

Who pays for the Utilities, pool Service, and Landscaping?

Normally the tenant pays all the utilities, and for needed landscaping care – but nothing higher than six feet. The owner always pays for the HOA dues and pool care.

Can I pay rent and do business online?

Absolutely. Online, you can see your account, make repair requests, see any balances due (if any) and schedule automatic payments fully under your control.

How do I report maintenance and repair issues?

When you first move in we let you check the property out for five days so you have plenty of time to report in writing anything we may have missed. While you live there you can also make repair requests online or by phone. We have a 24 hour emergency number – but it has to be a real emergency defined as fire, flood, blood, security, heat or air conditioning -to use that service.

Will you give me a lease with an option to buy?

Not exactly. We do have a special proprietary program where your good track record lets you earn credit to help you buy in the future “other property or the one you live in”.

If you rent from us then we explain and offer it to you – which is your option to choose or not.   We want long term owners too and most of them want to own their property for a long time. And we all want to rent to tenants for a long time and so like to work with long term tenants.

If an owner ever wants to sell we encourage them to offer the property to tenants to buy – which we do – if they have a good track record.  There is never any obligation for the residents to buy and no “option money” to be at risk for those who don’t. It’s the smarter way to do business with good tenants.

Can we Smoke inside the home, make any repairs, and/or have visitors or sublet?

Smoking is not allowed inside and you cannot rent or sublease our home to someone else.

This allows others in the future to have a smoke-free environment and for us to know who lives there.

Any work must be approved in writing – case by case.  House guests are allowed for 14 days, but if someone moves in permanently they must register with us and some terms of the lease my change.

Can you help us move in?

Absolutely! We have arranged for a Concierge to help you with a variety of services for FREE!

The Concierge will help you with a variety of information from – Who to call – Who to Notify – and actually DO MUCH OF THE WORK to help you transfer, quit, get new service, and change your address too!

There is NO CATCH as they get paid by the providers and us not you! Some items they help you with include but are not limited to: the newspaper, change of address, telephone service, internet, cable tv, utilities, cell phone and more!

They also can give you lists of people and vendors and companies to call if you need packing supplies, moving services, UHaul truck and more!  This is one of the many benefits of doing business with us!



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